Case 3

F.G. van den Heuvel


Gentlemen outfitters F.G. van den Heuvel has been one of The Hague’s most renowned stores since 1882 and is famous for its collection of classical and international menswear. Today it is one of the few places left in The Netherlands where classical dress suits and dinner jackets with complementary accessories are available. Over the years F.G. van den Heuvel has become an authoritative advisor on etiquette within their area of expertise. The store has recently been taken over by five new owners. They want to honour and preserve the store’s traditional values, but they also wish to bring in a new impulse – and new faces – through more brand awareness.

Our activities

Concept development on the new company logo, brand identity and website, in collaboration with a designer. Web content management and editorial work. Coordinating advertisements. Selecting  items and coordinating the photo shoot to promote the new collection. Send press mailings to appropriate media and approaching fashion stylists to promote the new collection. Implementing portraits of the entrepreneurs in media. This resulted in many publications, ranging from in-depth interviews on national and local TV and radio to placements on the fashion pages of high end magazines. It created a visibility suited to the company’s identity well.

The classic F.G. van den Heuvel store in The Hague

F.G. van den Heuvel’s colourful ties

F.G van den Heuvel’s dinner velvet jacket in Excellent Business

Feature article in Lourens Magazine