Case 5

Legal Aid Council


The Legal Aid Council offers a system of financial support for Dutch citizens in need of legal aid but who are unable to afford it. It aims to make Dutch citizens more self-supportive and therefore to lower the need of legal aid. In order to achieve this, in 2012 the council organised a national assembly, titled Los je Conflict Op, which translates as Solve your Conflict. This event targeted all those with legal difficulties and conflicts, but also your more average rows.

Our activities

Creating the concept of the event. Coordination and development of corporate identity and website. This includes both editorial work and directing the development of graphic designs for the website, flyers, posters and other means of communication. Offering advice on how to use social media to the company’s benefit. Creating a broadly targeted promotional campaign for the assembly by means of banners and exposure through both written media and radio. Setting up a partnership with Dutch television programme VARA Kassa! Approaching several high profile Dutch public speakers.

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