Case 2

The Press Museum


In honour of the 100th birthday of late Dutch column writer Simon Carmiggelt, the Press Museum in Amsterdam opened an exhibition titled Chroniqueur van het dagelijkse leven: 100 jaar Simon Carmiggelt – which translates as Author of Life’s Chronicles:100 years of Simon Carmiggelt. His original columns, a personal notebook, pictures and moving images went on display for his admirers for a 5 month period. The Press museum largely extracted the materials from their own depository, filled with Dutch journalistic heritage. The grand opening became a huge success, with a high number of media and fellow-authors present.

Our activities

Actively approaching press, aiming their attention at the exhibition’s official opening. Approaching a select few journalists to engage in a one-on-one preview to generate feature articles. Arranging interviews with the director and curator of the Press Museum. Implementing readers promotions to increase visitor number. This included the chance to win exclusive VIP tickets for a special tour of the museum.  All of this resulted in many publications in newspapers, magazines, radio and television. It also caused an increase of ticket sales by 50% by comparison.

Feature article on the exhibition in NRC Handelsblad

Readers promotion in Plus Magazine

Simon Carmiggelt on the cover of Elsevier (1972)

Special VIP tour for FNV Senior readers