De grootste beurs op het gebied van verzamelen in Nederland

Collectors Fair

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Vintage walhallaGroot aanbod aan vintage, speelgoed, antiek en designartikelen

The Collectors Fair (VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs) is the largest of its kind in Europe. Twice a year, people from all over the world come to visit this fair. The most recent editions welcomed over 35.000 visitors. Our aim: to generate as much media coverage as possible in order to attract new visitors. Because of the Fair’s abundance in vintage, antiques and interior design, we target a broad audience and focus mostly on casual visitors.

Our activities
Broad media campaign approaching the press from several different angles. Arrange interviews with collectors, invite press to visit the Fair, suggest it as ‘fun things to do’ in magazines and readers promotions. This results in a high number of publications prior to and after each event every year. Publications include interviews and items in magazines, regional newspapers, on national radio broadcasts and television programs.